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Let's Meet

I'm Sarah, A Growth and Success Coach

I work with entrepreneurs and leaders to help them achieve their highest potential and reach their goals with ease,  both in their professional and personal life.


My Mission is to help professionals like you:

  • breakthrough the mindset blocks that are holding you back

  • pin-point and eliminate road blocks in your work and life

  • get clear on goals and develop strategies to achieve these outcomes

  • increase productivity and improve your performance​

  • Reduce stress and pressure in your  work 

  • reach your  highest potential in your current role

  • amplify success in all life areas; relationships, health+fitness, social life, spiritual life, self image etc

I use practical coaching processes, business performance strategies,

mindset & subconscious  re-patterning techniques, manifestation principles, and attachment theory concepts 

to get you operating at your fullest potential and achieve the success, wealth and happiness you deserve.


Internal Mindset Blocks and External Roadblocks can keep you stuck or struggling and this can have a detrimental impact on your success.

I will help you break through the blocks that are holding you back from 

reaching your goals, achieving your dreams and fulfilling your highest potential

so that you can achieve and sustain success, wealth and happiness. 

Ready for change? 

Check out the About Me page for
My Story, Experience & Credentials. 


Carlos Oliviera

Sarah is an amazing coach who can help you change and elevate your life in so many ways.


She's empowered me to uncover the source of motivation in my business, find a healthier work-life balance, and orient my thinking to focus on what matters.Her unique coaching and mentoring style has made a real impact on my life, and the results speak for themselves.


My business is thriving with an increase in new clients and revenue. I've reclaimed my health with less stress and anxiety. And I have a renewed passion and outlook on life.


I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with Sarah and get access to all of the tools and support she provides as I continue to build a more engaging and joyful life.

Ryan Frankland

So grateful for everything Sarah has uncovered for me and help me grow.


A very powerful, yet simplistic approach has allowed me to consistently change my perspective and mindset. She truly cares and has helped provide me the tools to get through some very difficult times and come out far ahead.


Everything comes in perfect timing and am truly blessed to work with her. I look forward to a great future continuing this journey.

Justina Janda

Over the course of 4 months Sarah has helped me break through fears, increase my self-confidence, and become more clear about my life goals.


Sarah’s natural style is fun, caring, and centered on you and your needs.


She has a great talent for helping people organize and articulate their life goals, and teaches manifestation techniques that help you attain financial abundance.


I felt deeply supported and inspired to follow my bliss and pursue my life goals; I don’t know if I could have done it without her!


Thank you Sarah for helping me believe in myself and create the life I want to live! 

Oksana Z

I never thought I needed a life coach until the universe connected me with Sarah.


 I have always struggled with anxiety, fear, I get overwhelmed with emotions easily, and struggled with my confidence.

After our first session I knew Sarah was exactly what I needed in a life coach. I loved how I felt about myself and the methods she used with me were so eye opening, I was eager to book my next session!


I've have been working with Sarah for months now and she has been so helpful, compassionate and professional!


I really feel a connection with Sarah because I know she listens to everything I am saying and makes me feel understood.


Coaching with Sarah has allowed me to excel in my business, launch my e-book with confidence and helped me become the best version of myself.


If you need clarity in your life and become the best version of yourself, I highly recommend working with Sarah!

Sara L

I am beyond thankful for having gotten out of my comfort zone and reaching out to Sarah, my current and now lifelong, Life Coach.


 She has helped me work through so many of my goals and has truly assisted me in understanding myself on a much deeper level than I ever thought possible. If you are in need of a coach to hold you accountable and help you through your many life goals, look no further  - Sarah is the one!

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